Friday 13 November 2020

African Black Soap Online Supplier in Canada with Free Shipping


Canada Black Soap

We supply Authentic African Black Soap from Ghana, Africa. Our quality is premium and you can use it for your entire family and for commercial retail. We supply bulk and small quantities of Black Soap in Canada and the USA. We offer Free Shipping on all orders including Raw Shea Butter.

Use Black Soap daily for healthy skin without the use of any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Our Black Soap contains the following ingredients: Plantain Skins, Pod Ashes, Shea Butter, Water. Very simple ingredients that are sourced locally in Ghana.

We also offer Pure Cold Pressed Cocoa Butter which a strong chocolate aroma. Use for stretch marks and for natural protection from the harmful elements of nature. We also supply pure Hemp Seed Oil and Pure Organic Essential Oils.

The best time to use Shea Butter is after you have cleansed your skin with our Black Soap. Use daily for your skin and scalp.

Toronto Cocoa Butter Supplier


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  1. African black soap is pretty effective, but you should be careful when applying it! I have oily skin, so this is perfect for me.