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The Best Natural Soap is African Black Soap - Use it Today


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African Black Soap
is all natural and has been used for hundreds of years as a pure product in African and Asia. Now this natural mineral soap is available in Canada and can be used daily on your face, body and hair. Black Soap is the best soap if you are looking for an all natural cleanser that is chemical and fragrance free. Our product is imported from Ghana and is hand made using all natural and traditional methods. 

Canada African Black Soap Company

Mudfarm Organix Black Soap
contains the following ingredients: Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Water. Use daily for healthy skin and to help manage acne and blemishes. You will want to follow up by using Shea Butter to moisturize and protect your skin naturally. 

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Black Soap
is very versatile and provides many nourishing benefits for your skin and hair. The Shea Butter inside contains many fatty acids that aid in your skin recovery. You can make your own products at home using Shea Butter and Black Soap and save money while going natural. If you skin is really bad you may need to do a detox for 90 days and we recommend the Provizion GSH.

Canada Raw Shea Butter Fair Trade

Drink lots of water and avoid sugars and artificial ingredients as much as you are able too. Surround yourself with fresh food that is local or even home grown. Take control of your health today and become the best version of yourself. Use only natural products and foods in your one and only precious body that God blessed you with. Take care of the vessel. 



Monday, 16 January 2023

Use African Black Soap Daily For Acne and Blemished Prone Skin

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 African Black Soap
can be used daily to help minimize Acne, Blemishes and other minor skin challenges that you may have. Along with a health diet or a change in diet and what you use for cosmetics, you can come out on top with some pretty awesome and vibrant skin. It will take some time but the way to go is natural without the use of any chemicals or artificial ingredients. When you use fake stuff on your body or eat fake stuff it may never come out or cause irritations in and out of your body.

African Black Soap contains the following ingredients:






Simple and effective this traditional hand made soap has been sustainably made in Ghana, Africa using ancient methods passed down in tradition. The soap does wonders for your entire body including your hair. Use it daily, then follow up by locking in the moisture with Shea Butter. You can also apply natural oils on top of the Shea Butter. Oils you may use are but not limited to Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Grape Seed Oil and others. You can also us Essential Oils for scents that you may enjoy. Lavender is a favorite as it brings in a relaxing feel and bliss. 

toronto black soap

We offer bar size soaps or slabs of 1 lbs or kilos of Black Soap. We can also supply you metric tons and bulk Black Soap if you need for commercial or retail. Its a really great product to use for you and your entire family and also for retail. Many can benefits from Black Soap, so you will have many repeat customers and clients for your products.



Tuesday, 1 February 2022

The Best Authentic African Black Soap for Clear and Softer Skin


Authentic African Black Soap

Using natural authentic African Black Soap has many benefits to give you healthy and clear skin without the use of any chemicals or artificial ingredients. This natural beauty soap is one of the most comprehensive products out there on the organic skin care market and has been around for centuries, emerging out of pure necessity. We’re talking about African black soap, a plant-based soap that originated in West Africa and has been used for centuries to try to protect skin from the effects of an arid, sunny climate.  Mudfarm Organic brings this all natural product right to your doorstep in Canada and the USA.

The main ingredients are plantain leaves or cocoa pods ashes that are cooked down to charcoal ash then mixed with Shea Butter, palm oil and water to form the Black Soap. You can use this daily for healthy skin and hair and its great for removing make-up as well. 

Black Soap Shampoo and Acne Wash

We supply pure 100% Raw Black Soap from Ghana, Africa that is sourced from women Co-Operatives. Its ethical and clean and shipped in regularly to maintain freshness. We use only the highest ingredients in all of our products.

We also supply Raw Unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana, both Ivory and Yellow that you can use by itself or to make  your own natural creams, soaps, lotions, body butters etc. Black soap has been long used for its antibacterial properties. It reduces common skin bacteria and is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Additionally, the soothing Shea Butter helps to ease skin inflammation from razor bumps and rashes.

Organic Shea Butter



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Sunday, 19 December 2021

Authentic Black Soap Supplier Online in Canada

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Black Soap is all natural and imported from Ghana, Africa where it has been used for hundreds of years as a natural alternative to artificially based soaps. Use daily for naturally healthy skin without the use of chemicals or artificial ingredients.

Black Soap contains the following ingredients: Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Water. Use daily on your entire body including your face and hair. 

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We supply bulk and wholesale Black Soap from bars to tubs and kilos including metric tons. We offer free shipping when you order online in Canada or the USA. You may use our Black Soap to make your own liquid black soap shampoo and cleanser and may also purchase bulk for your commercial products with your own business.

Our Shea Butter is Grade A Organic and of the finest quality in Canada and the USA. Use it to make all of  your favorite personal body card products like lotions, creams, body balms and more including soaps and shampoos. 


Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Bulk and Wholesale Authentic Ghana Black Soap Supplier and Online Warehouse

If you are looking for Pure Raw African Black Soap from Ghana, then Mudfarm Organix is your No #1 choice is Canada for bulk and wholesale soap. We import our Black Soap from Ghana, Africa from women Co Operatives.

 Canada Bulk African Black Soap Supplier

Our Black Soap is made using traditional methods that has been handed down for generations to make sure you have the most authentic product on the market. Use our soap to help beautify your skin naturally while helping to improve acne and blemishes naturally.

Canada Black Soap

We offer bars of Black Soap to 1lb tubs or kilos. We can also offer you a metric ton of soap. We offer to both residential and commercial buyers. So we can supply all your needs of Black Soap in Canada. Free Shipping is included in all orders through our online store at

When you use Black Soap its recommended that you moisturize your skin with pure Shea Butter to lock in moisture. The  soap and butter go hand in hand to give your skin the best all natural cleansing routine without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. 

Toronto Black Soap

We also source Raw Unrefined Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. These products will make the best natural beauty products for you and your family or for commercial retail. Shop online today at or call/text 1 416 937 6350. 


Sunday, 29 August 2021

What is African Black Soap and Where to Buy It Online

 Pure African Black Soap Online Supplier in Canada and the USA

African Black Soap is a natural soap that is made in Africa using the following ingredients: Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Cocoa Pods, Shea Butter, Sustainable Local Palm Oil, Water. It has known benefits to give you glowing skin without the use of chemicals or artificial elements. You can use it daily to remove make-up, dirt and grime from your entire body and hair.

This amazing Black Soap is imported from Ghana, Africa and is hand made using traditional methods that date back hundreds of years. If you are looking for a 100% Acne Soap and Beauty Soap in one, then look no more and trust in this abundant soap from the motherland.

African Black Soap

At Mudfarm Organix we not only distribute the finest quality Black Soap in Canada and the USA, but our entire family has been using this products as our only cleanser for the last 15 years. There is nothing like it on the market and it works to give you a natural deep down cleansing while moisturizing your skin naturally. 


The best time to use Black Soap is in the shower. You only want to break off a small piece to take in the shower as its not good to wet what you are not using it will get soggy. So to solve this challenge we sell Black Soap Tubs where you can take a chunk at a time as you need.

We also have Black Soap bars and Liquid Black Soap Body Wash and Shampoo. We can also do Bulk Liquid Black Soap and Custom Orders. 

You may also want to try our Food Grade Cocoa Butter that is cold pressed for all your natural cosmetics like body butters, soaps, lotions and more. When you choose Mudfarm Organix, you are supporting women co - operatives in Ghana while helping to promote the trend of going raw and all natural. 

You will also want to consider doing a full body cleans, so go here to learn more about our Natural Cleanse Product Line


Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Where Exactly To Buy Pure African Black Soap Online in Toronto

 Are you searching for premium Black Soap from Ghana, Africa? Founded in 2013 Mudfarm Organix offers raw pure African Black Soap in small and bulk quantities in Toronto and the GTA. We offer free shipping on all online orders. 

Use Black Soap as a natural alternative to soaps that contain chemicals and artificial ingredients that may be doing more harm that good to your skin. Along with  a complete Cleanse & Detox with daily usage of Black Soap and Shea Butter, you are well on your way to beautiful skin and hair.

Toronto Black Soap

Black Soap contains the following ingredients: Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pod Ashes,  Raw Shea Butter , Palm Oil, Water. With just five ingredients, this ancient soap can be used daily to to remove makeup or oil from your skin. Follow up by moisturizing your skin with natural raw Shea Butter from Ghana.

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If you want a Black Soap bars or Black Soap 1Lb Pound Tubs including metric tons of Black Soap, you can shop online today or contact us directly for more information. We offer free shipping with all orders of Soap and Shea Butter online in Canada and the USA.

Online Black Soap Company

We offer raw unrefined Shea Butter that you may use just as is or to make your own lotions, creams, soaps and other natural beauty products for you and your family right from the comfort of your own home. Don't waste money on expensive soap and beauty products, when you can use natural products to enhance and maintain your beauty.


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