Sunday 17 November 2019

Toronto African Black Soap Supplier - 100% NATURAL FROM GHANA AFRICA

Pure African Black Soap Canada/USA Supplier
We offer Authentic African Black Soap Bars and Bulk Black Soap in Toronto and Online in Canada or the USA. Our Premium African Black Soap is imported from Ghana and is made freshly using local ingredients with traditional production methods.

Black Soap Toronto offers you bars or bulk amounts of African Black Soap. This soap is all natural  and a perfect choice for those looking for chemical free and all natural products. We also supply pure Organic Shea Butter from Africa that you can use to moisturize and protect your skin.

You don't need to put chemicals and artificial products on your skin which is the largest organ. You need to make your own products at home or simply use natural oils which works incredibly well to moisturize your skin. Rice Bran Oil and Jojoba Oils are two very powerful oils that can be applied topically to your skin. You can also whip together your own cream or lotions using Shea Butter and mixed with Rice Bran or Jojoba Oil or both oils can be mixed to whip with Shea Butter.

African Black Soap contains: Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pod Ashes, Shea Butter, Virgin Palm Oil

Its best to use Black Soap in the shower then follow up by moisturizing your skin with Mudfarm Shea Butter. Shea Butter contains high amounts of fatty acids and vitamins that are very nourishing for your skin. You can also use Rice Bran Oil or Jojoba Oil to moisturize your skin then follow up with some Shea.

Use daily and you will also save money when compared to buying products at the mall or major department stores. Support local businesses and go organic today by choosing Mudfarm Organix  o as your premium supplier of African Black Soap in Toronto, Canada and the USA.

We also recommend that you eat a healthy died low or no sugar intake and regular exercise to stay healthy with glowing skin. Drink 8 glassed of water a day and avoid sugary drinks like pops and sodas. These are really not the best for your skin. Remember you are what you eat, so consume locally organic if possible or grow your own food at home. Build a greenhouse in your backyard and you will be amazed at the results and gratitude you will bring into your life.

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