Monday 22 April 2019

Find Pure Authentic African Black Soap Online or In Store in Toronto/Canada with Mudfarm Organix Botanicals

Authentic African Black Soap is produced in Ghana and using traditional methods with the finest ingredients which include plantain skins, cocoa pod ashes, shea butter, and virgin palm oil. These combined ingredients work together to create the deepest down all-natural cleanser for your entire body. 

We offer bulk or wholesale African Black Soap in Toronto or Canada and we offer free shipping on all orders on products found on our website. Our mission is simple and straight forward and we want to provide you with 100% all natural and organic cosmetics and wellness products.

Our products are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and are Fair Trade sourced from Ghana and around the world with our direct relationship with community farmers. Use Black Soap to help with your Acne, Eczema, and skin challenges.

After cleansing with Black Soap it's highly recommended that you moisturize with Raw Unrefined Shea Butter. Shea Butter contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are essential in helping you maintain and preserve beautiful skin the natural way. 

Whatever you put on your skin and in your body gets absorbed and eventually goes into your bloodstream. Why pay thousands of dollars for chemical beauty products when you can simply use one product with one ingredient which is Shea Butter. 

We sell Black Soap bars and 1 lbs tubs and from kilos to tons. You may shop online or stop by our Shea Butter and Black Soap store located in Markham, Ontario at 570 Hood Rd # 19. Please call ahead before you come for your pick up. 

It is very easy and simple to change your lifestyle to become healthier and by using organic skin care, you are making that very first important step. Next, you can start by cutting our artificial and processed foods and eat as much raw and local food as much as possible. When you eat local and grow your own food, you take some strain off an already broken system of food production and distribution.

Teach your children and educate yourself on GMO and artificial products. Be aware of what you consume and put on your skin and take your life and health seriously because you only have one life and you want to live it happy and blessed. 


Office: 1 800 627 2703
Call/Text: 1 416 937 6350

We also seel Pure Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, Virgin Moringa Oil, Pure Castor Oil, Pure Almond Oil, Pure Avocado Oil, Pure Cocoa Butter and Pure Organic and USDA Essential Oils.

If you live in Toronto, Markham, Scarborough, Oakville, Pickering, Osshawa, Whitby, Durham, Brampton or anywhere in Canada, we offer free shipping by Canada Post Express and we have our own delivery driver in the GTA.

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