Sunday 28 October 2018

Toronto Canada Unrefined Bulk Shea Butter and Black Soap for making natural Cosmetics and Soaps

We support Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter and Black Soap Co-Operatives operated by women in Ghana and Africa. Our Raw Unrefined Grade A Ivory or Yellow Shea Butter is available in Toronto or Canada in Bulk or Wholesale pricing. We offer from Pounds to Kilos to Tons of Shea Butter or Black Soap delivered to your warehouse dock. You may also pick it up from our location in Toronto.

Use Toronto Shea Butter and Black Soap daily to help with a complete natural skin makeover. Help to nourish and brink your complexion back to life with these natural products from Ghana, Africa. If you are looking for Grade A Organic Shea Butter we can offer you any quantity to help with all of your personal or commercial production.

Start your own Shea Butter and Black Soap business or cosmetic business and we would be happy to supply all of your bulk Canada products. Our quality is very amazing and you will be very happy with the results. Your customers will love our products and you can also make lotions, lip balms, creams, hair care and more for your entire family. Save hundreds of dollars per year and use chemical free local organic products for your skin and personal consumption.

Avoid eating artificial and processed foods if you want radiant skin and make up won't help your skin either. Drinking alcohol and smoking also has a damaging effect on your skin. Try to eat fresh raw organic or home grown food as much as possible. It is very rewarding to use natural products both inside and out  your body.

Mudfarm Organix was founded with a purpose of providing chemicals free skin care that works. We wanted to provide all natural formulations that were free of artificial ingredients like perfumes or dyes. We do not support GMO farming and ingredients and we support local and independent holistic farmers in Toronto, Canada and around the world. Join the green and organic movement today and start with all natural foods and products.


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