Monday 14 November 2016

Where To Buy Authentic African Black Soap in Toronto

If you are looking for Authentic African Black Soap in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, then trust the No # 1 Source for premium BLACK SOAP IN CANADA. Black Soap is the most effective skin cleanser on the market and its now gaining huge popularity in Canada. Use Black Soap daily on your face, body and hair to give you a rich deep poor cleaning like never before.

Black Soap is made with Plantain Skins, Cocoa Pods, Shea Butter and Virgin Palm Oil. Its imported from Ghana Africa then Handcrafted into Soap Bars in Canada. We also sell it by the Kilos and Tons. Use Black Soap to make liquid Black Soap or your favorite shampoo. Its very versatile and the entire family can use this product to keep the skin and hair looking healthy and shine.

     Black Soap was also featured on the Dr Oz Show.
If you live in Toronto or Canada, we offer free Black Soap shipping right to your doorstep with Canada Post Express. Its very simple and our products are the right choice when making the decision to go Organic and to live a natural lifestyle. 

Make Black Soap part of your natural family of products today and you will see the difference in your skin. Trust Mudfarm Organix to bring you the purest imported Black Soap and Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana.

We sell black soap for 20$ to 30$ Per Kilo and Individual Bars for under 5$ a Bar.

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